Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping Things Whole -Mark Strand

Keeping Things Whole
In a field
 I am the absence
 of field.
 This is
 always the case.
 Wherever I am
 I am what is missing.

 When I walk
 I part the air
 and always
 the air moves in
 to fill the spaces
 where my body's been.

 We all have reasons
 for moving.
 I move
 to keep things whole.
-- Mark Strand

My Urdu Poem Translated by ABID AHMED

Curfew, I and he
Sheikh Khalid Karrar
Translated from the original Urdu by Abid Ahmad
Through the lattice
As far as I can see
It’s an eerie silence
With yellow patch on road
Beating its head.
Foot path all around
Littered with churned shadows
Till far
A bat hanging from an electric pole
Yellow face of the morning
Night’s tail of agony
An animal
And a soldier....
An uncanny silence.
As old as thousands of years-
As if satisfied with the silent city.
The desktop of my computer
Displays yesterday’s picture.
The commotion rises again
In the street
Crowds flow
Shadows float
Its all silence.
I wish
I could bore through the silence
Go to the soldier on the street
And ask him
You too check out yesterday’s picture on my desktop.
I will zoom in on the BLOOD!!!”